Cintia Calevoso

Cintia Calevoso is a different kind of attorney.

Cintia is a creative professional, a trustworthy and empathetic listener, and a devoted lawyer, advocate and advisor for entrepreneurs and other creative professionals.

Motivated by a deep passion for fair treatment under the law, Cintia became a Juris Doctor, specializing in business and entertainment law. She honed her legal acumen, intuition and understanding of motivational psychology and persuasion as a litigation consultant on complex civil cases, developing strategies and coaching already successful attorneys and witnesses to compel jurors in favor of her clients.

Throughout the years, Cintia has developed the ability to inspire entrepreneurs to do what they most love. When speaking to entrepreneurs and creative professionals she quickly understands what they are trying to create and helps them understand their blind spots and put structures in place that will allow them achieve their intended outcomes.

In addition to managing CALEVOSO LAW, Cintia is deeply committed to personal and spiritual growth and development. She is passionate about the arts, music, history, literature and is an avid traveler with an ever expanding interest in learning about different cultures.


B.A. in Psychology, Florida Atlantic University, 2007

J.D., Nova Southeastern University, 2010

Bilingual Editor, ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law

Personal and Professional Development:

Landmark Worldwide

Tony Robbins