The Ancient City of Alexandria, Part 2: The Lighthouse and Library

Many of the centuries-old monuments of ancient Egypt, from pyramids to temples to the infamous Great Sphinx, still stand today. While the city of Alexandria has survived along with them, over two thousand years after its humble beginnings as a small port town chosen by Alexander the Great in one of his dreams, some of its most impressive ancient structures have unfortunately been lost. Known as an important cultural Read More

Which Business Entity Is Right for You?

Your chosen business structure can greatly influence the shape of your company and its future success. How do you know which entity is right for you? It's a big decision, but in some cases your business entity chooses itself. You just have to get acquainted with the facts and see which structure best matches your current business needs, as well as your goals and aspirations down the road. Sole Proprietorship A Read More

The Ancient City of Alexandria, Part 1: Rise, Fall, and Pursuit of Knowledge

Known as the intellectual capital of its time, beloved by ancient scholars and scientists, and home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the ancient Egyptian capital of Alexandria earned an impressive reputation over its centuries-long history—one it maintained even beyond the relocation of Egypt's capital several hundred years ago. At the height of its influence, Alexandria was considered the seat of Read More

Ma’at and Matters of the Heart: A Look At Spiritual Law and Order in Ancient Egypt

What do the law and the afterlife have in common? Perhaps not much in today's world, but in ancient Egypt, they were very closely linked through the concept of ma'at. “Ma'at” refers to an ancient principle that encompassed the foundations of Egyptian civilization: truth, justice, and harmony. These ideals were personified in the form of a female deity of the same name. The goddess Ma'at served as the Egyptian Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Signing a Sponsorship Agreement

If you're just starting out as an entertainer, a sponsorship agreement may sound like a wonderful opportunity. It can be a great source of cash to support your craft while you promote another company's brand in return. Even so, not all sponsorship agreements are created equal. No matter whether you're an up-and-coming artist, a concert organizer, or a seasoned entertainer with a strong fan following, ask yourself the Read More

Celebrating 100 Years: The History and Legacy of the Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize will be celebrating its own achievements this coming June as it approaches the 100 year mark. A prestigious award for excellence in journalism, literature, and music, the prizes have been announced every spring since 1917. Considering its rich history, its cultural significance in America, and its worldwide influence, it's worth reflecting back on the Prize's humble beginnings. Joseph Pulitzer, Read More

Your Right to Write: 6 Legal Concepts Every Author Should Know

Whether you're a journalist, novelist, poet, blogger, or technical writer, it's easy to overlook the legal concepts that govern your work. After all, you may be more focused on producing great writing and less concerned with things like liability and intellectual property. If you can catch a break from your work on the next great American novel, take a moment to refresh your knowledge of these six legal terms. #1 Read More

Florida Business Law: The Difference Between Employment Agreements and Work-for-Hire Agreements

Independent contractors can be a great asset to your business. They offer specialized skills on a flexible basis, helping you address the unique needs of your business without breaking the bank. When it comes to hiring an independent contractor, you may want to draft up a contract to protect your company's legal rights. In that case, do you go with an employment agreement or a work-for-hire agreement? Here are some Read More

Law and Lincoln: A Look at the 16th President’s Early Legal Career

Among his many achievements as the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln is often remembered for his stirring speeches. While he won the presidency in middle age, he cultivated his oratorical skills in young adulthood while working as a lawyer. He first received his license to practice law in the state of Illinois in 1836. Along with his various partners, Lincoln then went on to handle over 5,000 legal Read More

5 Vital Elements to Define in Your Music Management Agreements

As an emerging artist, few individuals will play a larger role in your potential success than your manager. Music managers, not unlike sports agents, devote themselves to furthering the careers of their clients, and by working on commission based on what the artists earn they have every incentive to ensure that the artists succeed. Whether you are seeking to obtain a record deal or pursuing alternative methods of Read More