Which Business Entity Is Right for You?

Your chosen business structure can greatly influence the shape of your company and its future success. How do you know which entity is right for you? It's a big decision, but in some cases your business entity chooses itself. You just have to get acquainted with the facts and see which structure best matches your current business needs, as well as your goals and aspirations down the road. Sole Proprietorship A Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Signing a Sponsorship Agreement

If you're just starting out as an entertainer, a sponsorship agreement may sound like a wonderful opportunity. It can be a great source of cash to support your craft while you promote another company's brand in return. Even so, not all sponsorship agreements are created equal. No matter whether you're an up-and-coming artist, a concert organizer, or a seasoned entertainer with a strong fan following, ask yourself the Read More

Your Right to Write: 6 Legal Concepts Every Author Should Know

Whether you're a journalist, novelist, poet, blogger, or technical writer, it's easy to overlook the legal concepts that govern your work. After all, you may be more focused on producing great writing and less concerned with things like liability and intellectual property. If you can catch a break from your work on the next great American novel, take a moment to refresh your knowledge of these six legal terms. #1 Read More

Florida Business Law: The Difference Between Employment Agreements and Work-for-Hire Agreements

Independent contractors can be a great asset to your business. They offer specialized skills on a flexible basis, helping you address the unique needs of your business without breaking the bank. When it comes to hiring an independent contractor, you may want to draft up a contract to protect your company's legal rights. In that case, do you go with an employment agreement or a work-for-hire agreement? Here are some Read More

5 Vital Elements to Define in Your Music Management Agreements

As an emerging artist, few individuals will play a larger role in your potential success than your manager. Music managers, not unlike sports agents, devote themselves to furthering the careers of their clients, and by working on commission based on what the artists earn they have every incentive to ensure that the artists succeed. Whether you are seeking to obtain a record deal or pursuing alternative methods of Read More

How Are Entertainment Contracts Different from Other Kinds of Business Contracts?

Most business contracts are designed to prepare for the eventualities you can reasonably expect in your industry. In this way, entertainment contracts are similar to other business agreements. The main difference lies in the scope of coverage and the types of agreements that must take place to protect artists, entertainment companies, and those in between. What can you expect from an entertainment contract that you Read More

Contractual Confidence: When to Use a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Are your company's trade secrets secure? A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be used to protect almost any confidential information tied to your business. When you discuss your company's information with others, an NDA can impose a legal obligation to keep that information secret. Certain industries may benefit more from NDAs, such as the computer industry, where leaked information can play a part in relinquishing a Read More

6 Important Situations to Address in Your Partnership Agreements

A partnership is something to celebrate. That said, you should always enter new business situations with caution. Your partnership agreement can prepare you and your partners for issues related to money, disputes, responsibilities, and more. The following scenarios have been known to arise after the formation of a partnership, so you should plan accordingly in your partnership agreement. 1) We can't agree on a Read More

There’s More Than One Way to Chase Your Dreams: 4 Record Deal Alternatives for Musicians

With a mass shift in the way the public consumes music around the world, recording contracts with major record labels are no longer the only option for artists. As the lead singer of the band Pomplamoose, Jack Conte, put it, we are witnessing the rise of an entertainment middle class in an industry that was always starkly divided into either megastars or starving artists. There was a time when signing a record Read More

4 Key Differences Between Copyrights and Trademarks

There are a lot of similarities between copyrights and trademarks. Both provide legal protection for your right to use and reproduce intellectual property (IP). Certain property, in fact, can sometimes be protected by both a copyright and a trademark at the same time. However, in order to properly leverage your rights and ensure your IP is effectively protected, it is important that you understand how to Read More